Identity, family, and the Scoop settlement

Let’s talk about it Lori Deets I remember as a child, we were asked to bring our baby pictures to school. We put them on the...

Band of brothers through the chaos

Tammy Miller Modern Family Moose Jaw As a mother of five, my hope is my children will grow up close and connected. With all of the fighting...

The defensive settler

Let’s talk about it Lori Deets Last Saturday, on Sept. 30, I was co-facilitating a Blanket Exercise as part of Culture Days. The Blanket Exercise is...

Missed opportunities

I received a note recently from a Times-Herald subscriber, which read: “I have been a subscriber to the Times-Herald for some 40 years. But...

The story behind the orange shirt

Let’s Talk About It Lori Deets Imagine a day like today, a warm September day. Let's pretend it was about 43 years ago. It was your...

Speaking up, being heard

Indigenous women especially affected by homelessness Lori Deets Let’s talk about it I am just back from three days in a life far removed from mine. I...

Josi Victoria and the importance of trans awareness

Jordan Bosch Special to the Times-Herald The Moose Jaw Cultural Centre was pretty busy on Saturday night for the showcasing of Josi Victoria: A Complicated Masquerade. The...

The racialization of an Indigenous person

Let's Talk About It Lori Deets I have been asked to attend a national conference about creating a women’s housing strategy. I will be attending as...

Non-binary in sport: How derby got my groove back

Guest comment Cole Ramsey Moose Jaw Pride   Our day-to-day world is divided up into ‘men’ and ‘women’ in so many places that most people don’t think twice...

De-colonization internalized

Let’s Talk About It Lori Deets Writing openly about my life for all of my community to read can be difficult. I worry at times how...

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