Crescent Park serpentine running dry

Ducks on what is left of the Crescent Park serpentine in Moose Jaw on July 14, 2017. -- (Crystal Schick/Times-Herald)

The serpentine creek in Crescent Park has run dangerously low in the past couple of days, but the city has figured out why and people are working to fix it.

The serpentine is fed by the storm sewer system in Moose Jaw and Ted Schaeffer, parks and recreation director, said they originally thought a storm sewer gate or a valve was the issue. On Friday, once the water level had dropped enough, staff were able to get inside the culvert on the southeast end near the waterpark to diagnose the problem.
“We’ve got an outflow culvert that has rusted through and we’ve got water leaking out of the serpentine through this culvert,” said Schaeffer.

Because of this, the water is either leaking into the ground or back into the storm drain system.

“We’re doing the repair (Friday) and we’re going to start the process of refilling it first thing Monday morning or early next week at the latest,” he said.

They plan to open some storm sewers to refill the creek but will use some water hoses to assist if needed.

There are still many ducks hanging out in the mud and tiny bit of water left in the serpentine bed. Schaeffer said that he is no duck expert but isn’t too concerned about the birds.

“The ducks are transient,” he said, “they come and go.”

It is unknown if there has been a loss of ducks in the area because of the dry conditions.

“I would assume that when the water gets too low they move some place with a higher level of water,” he said. “I suspect that when the water level is back up, they’ll come back.”