Downtown, no finer place for sure

City releases draft plan for future of community core

After several years of work, the City of Moose Jaw has just unveiled the draft plan for the municipality’s downtown.

“I am very pleased to present the framework and road map to Moose Jaw’s downtown continued rejuvenation and growth over the next 30 years,” Mayor Fraser Tolmie wrote in the introduction to the plan. “We are excited to introduce Moose Jaw’s long term vision for the continued revitalization and development of our downtown core.”

The public has until Aug. 31 to provide input on the proposed strategy, which includes provisions for heritage conservation, infill strategy and special places and urban parks.

“The Downtown Local Area Plan is a comprehensive and strategic long term vision for the future of Moose Jaw’s downtown,” reads the introduction to the plan. “It was developed through consultation with City Council, administration, local business owners, residents, and organizations.”

The plan is not binding for either council or businesses and residents, but rather will be used to inform the decisions of current and future public bodies

“For example, implementing new design guidelines and changes to development standards will be made through zoning bylaw amendments,” reads the executive summary. “Other items such as streetscape improvements, or public squares will require further design work and budgeting to realize the vision. This will take time and depend on the will of citizens and council.”

Interested parties can find a copy of the draft plan here.