WE’re taking off

Students react after hearing they will attend We Day Vancouver Joshua Santos/Times-Herald

Westmount students to attend We Day Vancouver

A group of 14 lucky students will travel to Vancouver next Tuesday for the annual WE Day conference Oct. 18.

“It’s amazing. I didn’t know anything was coming,” said Eden Payne, member of Westmount Elementary School’s Generosity Club.

Westmount was one of seven schools across the country to be recognized for their work this year. As such, WestJet will send these students to the convention.

“I’m very surprised. I asked my mom and she knew and I had no idea,” said Isabelle Adams, also of the Generosity Club.

Students were stunned and surprised to hear about the trip as teachers made the announcement following the school’s WE Day presentation.

Both Payne and Adams previously attended We Day Saskatchewan in other years, but it did not take place this year. That inspired the idea to hold one at the educational institution.

“They couldn’t get a sponsor, so we decided we would do our own little mini-WE day,” said Debbie Taylor-French, teacher at Westmount. “WE charity has sent out everything you need to do put it on.”

Moose Jaw-native Emily Orescanin sang two songs during the presentation. The children boogied to the We Day Dance and heard a pre-recorded speech from speakers Malala Yousafzai and Spencer West through a video.

The Generosity Club began five years ago. One of the first things they did was raise $10,000 to build a school in Kenya.

“The kids are just so giving at this age and they really want to change the world. They know they can change the world and make a difference so I think it’s important as adults we empower them to do that because they’re going to be our leaders of the future,” said Taylor-French.

The club has held food and candy sales, a trade fair, bake sales and a food drive for the local food bank.

“We raised money so we can help people in other countries that are poor and need help to live their life and we do a lot of things around the community too,” said Payne. “We donate to the food bank a lot and we do lots of fundraising too.”

We Day Vancouver will be held at Rogers Arena with thousands of youth in attendance. It will feature performers and speakers such as Hedley, Martin Sheen, Spencer West, Hannah Alper and Jacob Tremblay among many others.