Going it alone

Regina’s Brodie Moniker tours western Canada with first solo album

Jessi Nicholls
Special to the Times-Herald
Saskatchewan’s own multi-instrumentalist and rock singer Brodie Moniker has just released his first solo album, Nowhere Left to Ghost, earlier this year.
“I like the freedom of being a solo artist and not having anyone to answer but myself, which can be difficult sometimes doing everything on your own. I can draw from whatever is inspiring me at that moment and not have to worry about any limitations in regards to that,” Moniker said.
The Regina-based artist will kick off the album’s 14-stop western Canadian tour in Regina on Oct. 27, working his way west to Victoria B.C., and then working his way back home again.
After releasing two albums with two separate local bands, Moniker wanted to branch off and find his own voice as a musician. His first work as a solo artist gave him the freedom to explore and combine all kinds of music styles, expressions and genres completely without limitations or collaborations. Moniker’s decision to go solo also opened the door for many tour dates that may not have been possible when working around the schedules of other bandmates.
Not only was the creating and releasing of this album a chance for the artist to write and play music freely on his own, but also a chance for him to break away from categorizing his work, or trying to build his thoughts and ideas around a specific genre. Moniker wanted to completely let go of trying to fit into a certain pool of artists, and also didn’t want to worry about whether listeners will be able to interpret his work.
“I like to express a broad range of things and I don’t like worrying about whether or not it fits on a specific place on the shelf. I just wanted to rip the band-aid off and move forward with just, ‘hey, this is who I am, I like all this different stuff,’” he said. “I want to keep exploring different directions musically and expressively and just do that with music instead of thinking too much about how it’s going to be received.”
At Moniker’s shows, audiences can expect bluesy, funky, and rugged guitar solos, rhythmic upbeat bass and drums, and punchy lyrics expressing how there’s nowhere left to “ghost” for him but forward. You can hear subtle entwined inspirations of Frank Zappa’s quirk, Jack White’s heavy guitar riffs, Pink Floyd’s psychedelic fluid instrumentals and looping, and even a bit of The Beatles’ influence in the song, “Punching Bag.” Most importantly, audiences can expect honest words from the heart, and to experience the authentic sound of a man breaking free from tradition, and making it all come together symphonically on his own.
Don’t miss a chance to experience Brodie Moniker’s music live in Moose Jaw on Nov. 17 at The Park Hotel, free of charge.