Making music, saving lives

Music has always been a part of Nicolas Hennink’s life, helping him connect with others.
Now, he’s reaching out to more people than ever and with more purpose.
“Music is everywhere on the job,” the EMS worker and musician told the Times-Herald. “In the ambulance, at the base — everywhere. It’s how we communicate with each other a lot of the time.”
Hennink’s new album Redemption explores some of the experiences first responders have in common. Songs deal with some of the heavy aspects of the job as well as the lighter or more adrenaline-filled moments.
The album will be released early next year, but the first single, Please Forgive Me, is out now. Available on all the top online music stores, the proceeds from the sale of the song go to a charity that supports police, firefighters and EMS workers.
“I’m trying to raise awareness for mental health and breaking that stigma,” he said. “It doesn’t make you any weaker to come out and say you’re struggling; it makes you strong.”