Advocating reinstatement of door-to-door mail delivery

A community mailbox is pictured in Moose Jaw on Feb. 16, 2017. Lisa Goudy/Times-Herald

Canadian Union of Postal Workers stops in Moose Jaw to encourage residents to speak out with concerns

Thursday, the Canadian Union of Postal Workers stopped in Moose Jaw to advocate for the reinstatement of door-to-door mail delivery.

“One of our aims is to assist the residents of Moose Jaw to have their door-to-door mail delivery restored so they can be like other communities and cities and towns in the country and have door-to-door delivery that was taken from them,” said Dave Bleakney, second national vice-president of the union.

“(It’s) also to reveal that the post office can be so much more than it already is as a public sector success story.”

In August 2015, almost 11,000 addresses in Moose Jaw were transitioned to community mailboxes as part of Canada Post’s nationwide transition of five million addresses to community mailboxes over a period of five years. When the Liberals were elected in October 2015, the five-year plan was put on hold and a formal review was later ordered of Canada Post’s operations.

Almost 900,000 Canadian households were converted to community mailboxes by the time the program was frozen, including Moose Jaw.

“There’s no doubt people are angry and we don’t want people to think this is over or they have to give up,” said Bleakney. “We want people to know that now is the time to advocate for getting it back.”

The Times-Herald reached out to Canada Post for comment. In an email responding to the inquiry, Phil Legault, spokesperson with Canada Post, said, “The Government of Canada is currently conducting a review of Canada Post. Their results are expected later this year.”

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