Local cardiaction support group folds

The Cardiaction Exercise Class at YaraCentre group prepares to kick start another active season. These classes will continue. However, the Moose Jaw Cardiaction Support Group has folded. File photo/Times-Herald

After more than 20 years, the Moose Jaw Cardiaction support group has folded.

“We are ones who went through heart attacks,” said Jan Matity, chairperson of the group.

“Our membership has kind of slid right down to just a few and people are having heart attacks and they’re doing their 16 weeks of exercises and then they’re all going back to work. It’s a younger crowd having heart attacks now.

“It’s sad to see the group folding,” she continued. “But there comes a time.”

The group started in 1996. Meeting once a month at Timothy Eatons, the group was comprised of people who had experienced a cardiac event such as a heart attack.

“After you have a heart attack, you get put onto this list that goes to the hospital and you take classes for diet and all that kind of stuff and then they do the exercises for 16 weeks,” said Matity.

“We’re the group that when you’re finished your exercises, or even as you’re doing your exercises, if you want somebody to talk to, there’s people that are in the same position as you are that have had heart attacks or those pacemakers put in.”

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