Postal workers canvass Moose Jaw for mail delivery support

Postal worker Darla Jattansingh chats with a Moose Jaw resident encouraging the restoration of door-to-door delivery on March 18, 2017. Lisa Goudy/Times-Herald

A group of Canada Post workers canvassed Moose Jaw homes over the weekend asking for public support in restoring door-to-door delivery.

“That’s part of a national campaign to either halt or restore delivery where postal transformation has already taken place, which means people lost door-to-door delivery and now pick their mail up at a community mailbox,” said Caralie Wait, president of the local postal workers’ union. “Hopefully the people of Moose Jaw realize they lost a huge service and it’s possible to recoup that service.”

For just over two hours on Saturday, volunteers knocked on doors and handed out postcards people can mail to the federal government. This was following a presentation at last week’s city council meeting that ended in council unanimously passing a motion to fight for reinstatement of door-to-door delivery.

Mayor Fraser Tolmie will write a letter on behalf of council to the federal government outlining the city’s desire. Moose Jaw is the first city in Canada for a council to pass such a motion.

“As a letter carrier or postal worker, we had direct community contact. We were the eyes and ears of the streets,” said postal worker Darla Jattansingh, who volunteered on Saturday. “We would be able to note if there was something odd in a house for a day or two and be able to knock on a door of a senior that you know picks up their mail daily out of their mailbox if it hadn’t been picked up to make sure they’re OK.”

Many people, including seniors and people with disabilities and mobility issues, have struggled to retrieve mail from community mailboxes, said Jattansingh. Other complaints have included people uncomfortable picking up mail in an unsafe neighbourhood, slipping, falling and numerous reports of theft from community mailboxes across the country.

The federal government is currently conducting a review of Canada Post and results are expected later this year.

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