Legalize and normalize

in Moose Jaw, on April 20, 2017. -- (Crystal Schick/Times-Herald)

420 rally organizers seek educate public on marijuana use

Shaun Francis Drake is not shy about sharing his experience with prescription drugs.

The co-organizer of Thursday’s 420 rally in Crescent Park said he has overdosed twice on drugs doctors had prescribed for him, but that even before that, they didn’t work to help his depression and anxiety. Marijuana did.

“I’m here to normalize it,” he told the Times-Herald. “You don’t see us out killing people. Useful people in society can smoke marijuana and still be useful to society.”

This is the fourth year that Drake and his compatriots organized a rally to mark April 20 in southern Saskatchewan, though other years the dates have shifted slightly, as have the locations. He said that last year, they saw about 300 people come through the park over the course of the day and that this year he was hoping for between 300 and 400.

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