Moose Jaw gets lit

Andrew Cameron will host a Christmas light tour at his house on 1148 Eight Avenue North West tonight at 6 p.m. Joshua Santos/Times-Herald

Christmas light show held tomorrow

There are lots of ways to get into the holiday spirit, but perhaps none more luminous than a twinkle tour.

“There’s a lot of new added lights, a lot more projections and a new location,” resident Andrew Cameron said of his increasingly famous annual light show. “The last location was on Fourth Avenue at my mom’s house two years ago.”

Cameron will host the spectacle at 1148 Eighth Avenue North West, featuring 65,000 lights for the public to enjoy. He has been hosting the event for nine years now after being inspired by the movie Deck the Halls. He will be providing free hot chocolate and cookies to visitors.

Cameron said it took him about a month to put all the lights up.

“I started at the last minute. I did it all by myself every single year. It’s worth the pain and effort to keep everyone else happy,” he said.

There is no admission price for spectators but donations will be accepted with proceeds going to the Moose Jaw and District Food Bank.

Cameron wants to donate to that organization as he used to make use of their services himself.

“I’m just trying to give back and I’m trying to do really good for the community,” he said. “I want to help the ones who are actually in need. It’s a sign of respect.”

Riverside Mission was the recipient of funds raised at last year’s event.

City of lights

Beyond Cameron’s display, Tourism Moose Jaw wants to give residents the chance to shine bright this holiday season.

“It’s just for the pure enjoyment of the people around here. We know that people come in to town for Christmas a lot and our priority is definitely to put that information out to tourists,” said Jacki L’Heureux-Mason, executive director of Tourism Moose Jaw. “I think locals are going to use it as well.”

L’Heureux-Mason, on behalf of Tourism Moose Jaw, is putting together a comprehensive list to highlight houses who have put in the extra effort.

“It’s one of those things I remember doing as a kid. You just had to wait and find out whose lights are going to be good,” she said. “You might hear it from somebody else. I just thought it was a nice idea to have it all in one place and it’s such a nice family tradition to do.”

The list of houses will be posted on Tourism Moose Jaw’s website and Facebook page with a printable document available to download.

“If it’s my house, we’ll put the actual address, otherwise we’re going to put the block that it’s on. We’re going to have a pinned list on our Facebook page, hopefully by Monday,” she said.

She said she saw a list last year that had 18 addresses on it. At this time, she has approximately eight submissions.

She also plans to work with Stefanie Palmer, executive director of the Multicultural Council.

Submissions can be sent to Tourism Moose Jaw’s Facebook page or emailed to L’Heureux-Mason at