Reconnect to what matters

Wakamow Valley is pictured. File photo/Times-Herald

I’m a huge fan of old movies.

Take Alfred Hitchcock for example. His thriller films show why he’s the Master of Suspense and I love them. His films are great, with standout cast members and an intriguing story.

The same goes for other earlier films, apart from just Hitchcock. Watching them now is interesting to see differences and advancements in technology.

Some CGI effects are just astounding these days, all because of technology.

We’ve made so many advancements in technology that the question is no longer about what we can achieve and what we can do, but what we should do and what we should not do.

I’m not saying we need to depart from technology forever. There is no going back. This is about maintaining a balance. Every once in a while, it’s healthy to disconnect and enjoy a taste of living without technology that many of us have become too dependent on.

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