Climate change plan needed now

Wakamow Valley is pictured. File photo/Times-Herald

It doesn’t feel like winter. With puddles in the streets and snow melting, it’s acting more like spring.

Environment Canada reported that on Wednesday, Moose Jaw reached 10.2 Celsius, breaking the previous record of 8.3 C from 1916. On Thursday, Moose Jaw broke another record, soaring to 13.1 C compared to the old record of 10.0 set in 2002.

If this proves anything, it shows that things are changing. Our climate is changing. Looking back in our records, we will see that there has already been a big increase in annual average temperatures in Saskatchewan. The Saskatchewan Eco Network stated that climatologists are expecting a temperature rise of three to six Celsius this century.

These temperature changes could affect agriculture and could result in increased costs for municipalities because of the potential effects of increased flooding, as an example.

We need a viable climate change plan so we’re prepared to deal with the changes.

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