Cheering on our local curlers

Penny Barker watches the line on a shot during the Scotties Tournament of Hearts. Dane Roy photo.

I’ll be honest: I’m not a huge fan of curling.

Sure, I know the basics of how curling works and I learned how to play while in school. When the Scotties Tournament of Hearts was in Moose Jaw in 2015, I gladly attended the events and the festivities were great. I was happy to support such a great local event.

Yet curling isn’t something I watch regularly. Still, when I heard about Moose Jaw’s Penny Barker capturing the provincial Scotties title, it was a most ecstatic moment.

Last weekend, she made her national Scotties debut. This is an exciting story regardless of how it ends up turning out for her. It’s an inspirational story and a great accomplishment to have made it that far. As of this writing, she just scored her first win.

I am cheering for her all the way.

Yes, it’s so unfortunate to see that she is struggling at the Scotties and I know I’m not the only one who is rooting for her to win and do well. Of course that’s what we all want to see. It would be so great to have Barker come home with a fantastic success story of how she won at the Scotties. I might not watch curling at home, but I still want her to win.

Even if she doesn’t, though, I will still be proud of our local curlers’ efforts at the Scotties. It will still be an experience to remember and no matter what, she made it to the Scotties.

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