City needs patience – and a budget

City crews were busy in Moose Jaw, on March 1, 2017, after five water mains broke in less than 24-hours. -- (Crystal Schick/Times-Herald)

Water main breaks should not be a common occurrence.

In an ideal city, we wouldn’t have to worry about water service interruptions because of a water or sewer failure. While of course things can happen, it shouldn’t be a normal occurrence. We shouldn’t be used to hearing about water leaks or water breaks every other day. Ideally, having water access 24/7 is a given we should all have.

No city is without its problems. This includes Moose Jaw. What we need as residents is to have patience. Facts are staring us in the face that can’t be ignored. Many of our water lines are old. While phase one of the water main replacement program is complete, there are still many more lines in need of replacement. City manager Matt Noble told me Wednesday that time and human resources are limited at city hall. This creates challenges for the city.

Another challenge for city workers is digging underground. It’s easy to either forget or not be aware of how when you’re working underground, you don’t know what you might come across. Not only will you have to dig up the road to get to a water pipe, but you also have to be aware of possible sewer lines or other hazards.

Patience is required on our end as city crews work to fix the leaks. More breaks will only happen as the city continues working to replace the water lines.

For more on this, see the March 3, 2017 print or online edition of the Moose Jaw Times-Herald.