Women are stronger together

I think every day is a great day to celebrate women’s great accomplishments.

Wednesday, people around the world united by wearing red to show solidarity against economic inequality, prejudice and insecurity that women face in the workplace every day for International Women’s Day.

I wish I could tell you that equality was present in all of those ways. After all, it is 2017 and everyone deserves to be treated equally.

While equality between women and men is enshrined in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, unfortunately, equality isn’t truly the case. A 2016 report from the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives indicated that women in Saskatchewan make between 63 and 73 cents to a man’s dollar. This discrepancy is unfair. It needs to be based on our talents and skills, not our gender.

We have a lot of inspirational women in our community and in our province. Just look around you. Many women run successful businesses and hold successful positions at work. There are a lot of milestones to celebrate and we need to recognize these and the people behind them.

Wednesday was also a day to continue to draw attention to equality. This is a quest that cannot be limited to one day. It is something we all need to strive for year-round, no matter our sexual orientation.

According to Statistics Canada, women make up only 21.6 per cent of Financial Post 500 board members, which are Canada’s largest companies by revenue. Too few women are advancing into leadership roles.

There is a path to change these statistics, though. We need to change our attitudes and behaviours. We need to recognize gender stereotype and subtle sexism are part of the problem.

For more on this, see the March 9, 2017 print or online edition of the Moose Jaw Times-Herald.