Band of brothers through the chaos

Tammy Miller

Modern Family Moose Jaw

As a mother of five, my hope is my children will grow up close and connected.

With all of the fighting and constant teasing between them, I’ve always felt unsure that this would actually happen. I mean, honestly, who wakes up in the morning, and has a fight over who snored the loudest the night before?

But, yesterday I was reminded of how close my children are and how important they are to each other. How dependent they are on one another and how big my heart feels when I think about it.

It was Friday when the boys and I realized their bikes had been stolen out of our backyard. They were devastated as the bikes had actually been put away in a safe spot like my husband and I always told them. We went for a walk to see if we could find them and a drive around our alleys to see if they had been left there, but no luck.

The boys decided that maybe someone needed the bikes more than they did, and moved on with only the occasional reminder of their stolen bikes.

Yesterday as my daughter and my nine-year-old son were going for a walk, they were sure they had spotted their older brother’s bike. They ran home and told everyone what they saw and within 10 seconds there were four children running down the street as a team to get back that bike and a three-year-old brother at the door wanting to join them. They returned home to no avail but with increased determination to get that bike back.

As many of my friends know, our family likes to do things to the extreme when it comes to chaos.

My 11-year-old son, the one whose stolen bike was spotted earlier in the day, was practising his stunt skills and fell and broke his arm. We took him to the hospital in a hurry because we were quite sure it was a bad break and he was in a lot of pain, so it was all very rushed.

My nine-year-old and 13-year-old were out at the time so when they came home, they were instantly worried about their brother and the three-year-old was in tears because he knew his brother was hurt and did not understand what was going on.

His sister was upstairs busy in her room and knew nothing about what happened at that time. We chose to leave it that way for the moment because we knew how upset she would be.

While I drove my son to the hospital, little did I know that my oldest son had found my injured son’s bike and was following the fellow who was riding it. See what I mean by chaos to the extreme?

He followed him with a slow jog until the bike was parked. Keep in mind, we told all of our children not to approach anyone regarding the bike, but to let us know where they had seen it. Luckily it was a public establishment and there just happened to be a police officer there so my son did the right thing and went to the officer with his concerns.

The evening then led into siblings having to work together for their brother who was going to have to spend the night in the hospital. The oldest got the youngest to bed and was demanding that he be with his injured brother, and the nine-year-old was crying because he needed to see his brother and give him a hug. They Facetimed and chatted on the phone and sent pictures back and forth.

We ended having to bring the nine-year-old to the hospital so he would actually fall asleep. And, the next morning everyone was up and out the door on their way to school without a hitch.

That night, I realized something. My children love each other and it showed.

From the team of children running down the street to follow a stolen bike to the look on my injured son’s face when he found out his big brother got his bike back, to the tears shed by my nine-year-old due to his worry about his bro in the hospital, to the youngest who ran to the door when he heard his brother shout in pain. They love each other and they take care of each other.

So the next time I feel like I need a break from the craziness in our home, I will remind myself that this craziness is a part of the togetherness that will last a lifetime.


Tammy Miller is a mother of five and owner-operator of Fun Matters Moose Jaw. Moose Jaw residents will know her from various community events as Sweatpea the Clown.