Prairie Edge sees plenty of success in competitions

Members of the Prairie Edge School of Skating who took part in recent provincial meets in Prince Albert and Shaunavon include Kailly Gillis (back, left), Jordyn Halverson, Lauren Halvorsen, Stephanie Ross, Ella Ashby, Kasidey McQueen, Georgia Greenough, Simon Weber (front left), Adison Morhart, Jillian Polupski, Danielle Greenough, Taya Molde, Camryn Ferguson.

To say things are going well for the Prairie Edge School of Skating when it comes to their intra-provincial competitions would be a bit of an understatement.
Medals and ribbons abound, so many that putting together a list in print would be prohibitive. Just know that in their most recent two meets at Prince Albert and Shaunavon, the club had the kind of success that only a whole season’s worth of training can create.
“I think most of them did really good,” said Prairie Edge coach Monika Korcarz. “Especially in Shaunavon they had mostly gold and silvers and even in Prince Albert there were a lot of gold, so they’re all skating really well.”
The Shaunavon meet was especially interesting for many Prairie Edge skaters in that it marked the first time they had a chance to take the ice in front of judges and alongside out-of-town skaters. It also gave some of the CanSkate youngsters a chance to show their stuff.
“For some of the kids it was the first competition, so they were really nervous,” Korcarz said. “But they had fun and that’s most important, especially since they had good results… They were nervous because they didn’t know what to expect, but they were excited, too.”

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