Scooped again

It’s never good when newspapers are the news.

Most of our readers have likely already heard the Times-Herald is closing its doors, publishing our last edition Dec. 7. We even made the national news.

Know that we have never taken our role in the city of Moose Jaw for granted.

We have given voice to the voiceless, stood up for those who couldn’t stand up for themselves, and held power to account. We’ve celebrated your high moments and mourned your lowest, Moose Jaw.

Over the next few weeks, we will continue this good fight until the last drop of ink falls on the last page.

For everything a newspaper is, the reality is that it’s also a business that relies on advertising to be sustainable. We tried. Every single person in the Times-Herald building tried.

Our company ethos has been to serve our readers with news and advertising of high integrity. Make no mistake — we will exit the building with our heads held high.

As we approach the end, watch for a celebration of a 128-year history and the people who made it happen — that includes you.

We will finish strong. We hope you are with us.